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About company

COSMO International is and has been a powerhouse in the wholesale textile market in Poland for the past 30 years. Our experience and understanding of the industry spans back to 1993. We offer a wide variety of fabics that suit your each and very need. We devote our time to ensuring we ahve the latest and the greatest of fabrcis the world has to offer, right at our doorstep.

Our strenghts


We know the world of textile is constantly changing, so we ensure to change alongside it, for the better.


Our sales team are on hand for your each and every need.


Our showroom showcases a wide variety of materials to pick and choose from. We have you covered for all four seasons.

Customer satisfaction


At COSMO we strive to make our customers happy. Customer satisfaction has been a top priority since the birth of COSMO and will continue to do so for years to come.

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Our Variety of products

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